Geography iGCSE & GCSE

This information was gathered to support students taking Edexcel iGCSE.  Much of the content will be applicable to other Geography GCSEs.  This is he specification used for iGCSE.

Edexcel Exam Board helpful information -  Past papers, mark schemes and examiners reports are all extremely helpful


I am clueless about Geography so went in search of something equivalent to My-GCSE Science.  Below is what I found.  I don't know where the knowledge gaps are yet, i.e. the areas that haven't been covered.  Once I know then I will watch the relevant videos, and create Quizlets study sets.
They are also helpful when a topic has been covered but is not totally understood.

Lots of videos are listed to cover different exam boards and style of video / learning.

I've not looked at these in detail yet.  Please let me know which ones you like best and why.  I can then incorporate this information to help others.  

When using video to learn.

  • Always take good notes (stops zoning out and helps with retaining the information

  • label them accurately and file them safely so you can refer to them again.

  • Test your self to see how much you have remembered.

  • Mark your test thoroughly with a red pen and date it.

  • File the marked test paper, and review it BEFORE testing yourself again.


Fantastic for auditory learners, and those who do long bus / car journeys.  Podcasts are downloaded onto phones so don't require a wireless network.  You can revise like crazy and everyone will assume you are listening to music.

BBC Bitesized

Mr Hunts Georgraphy podcasts


Exam Style Question & Answers

S-Cool - Helpful to use after watching videos, or listening to podcasts to check understanding.


BBC Bitesized

iGCSE Cambridge University Notes  Comprehensive notes.  

Keywords book for GCSE Edexcel B.  Good for testing yourself, but personally I would prefer a Quizlet study set.

Case Studies

Case studies are the most difficult things to revise in Geography because there are so many of them, it is easy to get them confused.  In the exam it is essential that those used fit the question – it’s no good just writing down everything you can remember in the hopes that some of it is relevant.

A good way to revise case studies is to look at their essential key facts and learn those by writing them on cards.

Your card might have headings like this: